Modeva Glass Series Light Switches

MODEVA® is an elegantly designed, easy to use lighting, temperature, drape, and amenities control system.


MODEVA uses a capacitive touch and screwless user interface for a sleek, modern, and highly configurable look. Honeywell will work directly with the Hotelier to design a unique user interface and create a brand standard for your guestroom controls. The MODEVA system uses a range of leading edge and trailing edge dimmers, non-dimming actuators, and low-voltage interfaces to meet nearly any gang box or load center lighting, temperature, drape, or amenities application. The MODEVA system is offered in a wide range of standard sizes from American single gang to British double gang to bedside controllers such as the TBL-70.


• Controls lighting, temperature, drapes, and amenities
• Fully customizable programmable capacitive touch user interface
• Soft background illumination
• Screwless magnetic mounting system
• Voltage: 120VAC–240VAC 50 / 60Hz for gang box dimming / switching applications
• Voltage: 12VDC for load center applications
• Dimming: 100–240VAC 650W leading edge or 350W trailing edge per control point
• Relay contact rating:120–240VAC, 500W per control point
• Wired S5 bus and IR or RF Deep Mesh wireless communication
• Available in both American and British gang box sizes
• FCC, UL, CE mark, RoHS compliant