L208 Floor or Desk Lamp Dimmer

The L208 floor or desk lamp dimmer provides remote control of the lamp for the MODEVA, EVORA, S-Series, and Designer Series systems.


The L208 is available with a 400W leading edge dimmer or a 500W non-dimmable output.The L208 mounts discretely out of sight or to a wall. The L208 uses wired S5 bus and wireless RF for communications. The L208 can be equipped with the SL208.1 or used with SL210 to provide local and remote control.


• Voltage: 100–120VAC 50 / 60Hz
• Dimming: 400W forward phase dimming
• Relay contact rating:120–240VAC, 500W
• Wired S5 bus and RF Deep Mesh wireless communication
• Wall mounting bracket
• FCC, UL RoHS Approved