The MODEVA®, EVORA®, Designer Series and Tabletop Controllers are customizable to fit with your design objectives and control configuration. Based on designer specifications, they can control lighting and temperature, display privacy / make-up-room requests, and integrate seamlessly with INNCOM energy management and other guestroom systems.

Made with touch-capacitance glass surfaces, the MODEVA Series provides designers with a vast array of options in color, fonts and control capabilities.

EVORA offers the same advanced technology found in the MODEVA Series but with a more traditional tactile guest interface that uses backlighting and custom engraving to designate specific switch functions.

EEC Industries has partnered with INNCOM on many projects over the years to produce unique custom offerings for our clients. Using the INNCOM switch technology, EEC is able to create a vast variety of housing shapes and finishes using a wide range of materials.

EEC Industries is the leading provider of architectural signs around the world and a member of the INNCOM Integration ecosystem. From luxury hotels and resorts to a variety of commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential projects.