Honeywell is now offering a service to our customers that provides analytics on all measurable data in your building. From HVAC functions, savings, and alarms to occupancy status and network availability. You can request reports as often as you like, but it is typically suggested to run them quarterly.

ASX is a structured and procedural approach to extract value from data.

Big data provides more information to make well-informed investment decisions and improve asset value and ROI of ongoing investments. The goals of big data for the hospitality industry include enhanced revenue management, optimal pricing for rooms, restaurants, catering and meeting spaces and improved operational efficiencies.

Improve relationships with hotel guests.

Understanding the needs of your guests will help you to improve your hotel quality. How well do guests sleep? What are the consequences? What are the key drivers for energy conservation results? How are guests using the integrated guestroom equipment? How quickly is the staff addressing guests needs?

The future belongs to organizations that harness the information locked in massive data streams!