S563 / EV564 INNtouch Guest Service Annunciation Switches

The S563 / EV564 guest annunciation device consists of an interior guestroom plate with two buttons and a door chime. It is matched with a corridor wall plate featuring a doorbell and indicators for Privacy and Make Up Room requests.


The most common application is to substitute for doorknob tags while adding a doorbell to announce staff and other guests.

With the addition of a small motion sensor inside the guestroom, the S563 & EV564 switches allow the staff to determine the occupancy of a room without knocking. Adding a small switch on the minibar allows staff to determine whether the minibar has been opened.

These switches operate on a standalone basis or seamlessly integrates with Honeywell's INNCOM Centrally Controlled System to remotely display guestroom status to housekeeping or other departments. When a staff member or another guest presses the doorbell symbol on the exterior plate, the chime rings inside the guestroom. By pressing the Privacy button, the guest disables the bell and illuminates the Privacy indicator on the exterior door plate. Likewise, when the guest presses the Make Up Room button, it illuminates a green LED on the exterior door plate indicating a request for Housekeeping.

In rooms equipped with a motion sensor, when a staff person presses and holds the doorbell, the plate will flash “Privacy” when the room is occupied and will illuminate the green LED if the room is vacant. Likewise, if the minibar has a door switch, a staff member can press the bell button twice to determine if the minibar has been opened.


• Higher security for guests
• Provides guests with greater control over staff intrusions
• Low cost installation
• Low-voltage wiring
• Occupancy detection
• Available in American gang plate size as well as British gang
• Available in both US and British Gang MODEVA glass series switches
• Available in Elements series switches
• FCC Approved