When you need to provide a comfortable and convenient living experience in your student housing, control energy costs, and improve operational efficiency of your facility staff — count on Honeywell. Our INNCOM integrated room automation systems have been saving energy costs for multi-unit building owners for more than 30 years. Our customers trust us to provide technology that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, reliable and delivers value to the bottom line. INNCOM Student Housing Solutions Brochure.


Your students want to feel like they live in a home. The INNCOM control interfaces for thermostats, switches and other controls are available in finishes and options to fit nearly any interior design scheme to help create the welcoming atmosphere. Present your student residents with a nicely lit entrance way with switches and buttons that are easy to find and operate; a bedside interface for controlling the lighting, temperature and drapes. Add voice control and integration to other technology to provide unparalleled comfort and convenience to your students.


Honeywell’s INNCOM solutions are scalable and offer wired and wireless options for both new and retrofit properties. Owners have the option of a standalone system or a networked system with expanded capabilities. Deploying the INNCOM Deep Mesh Network requires less hardware, produces far less interference, and provides a highly reliable network which can support INNCOM and 3rd party technology.


When Honeywell’s INNCOM integrated room automation system is connected to INNcontrol™ software, your facility team has central control and monitoring of the units. It collects important data about the units and provides the maintenance staff the actionable information needed to improve their efficiency and in many cases correcting issues before they become a larger, more expensive repair and more importantly, before they disrupt comfort or conveniences to your residents.


Student comfort is as important as Saving Energy for Owners and Operators. Honeywell’s INNCOM technology allows the students to choose their comfort level while allowing the facility team to control the available temperature range. When the room is unoccupied the temperature is allowed to drift a few degrees. If the balcony door or window is left open the HVAC cooling or heating system is turned off, while the fans remain on. Automating these costs control measures results in significant cost savings. A fully networked and centrally managed system could save more by having the ability to remotely return a temperature override to the standard setting and automatically have the room temperature float further when the room is not in use or will have an extended absence.


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