Treat your property to a new experience with elegant interfaces, integrated room automation and energy savings.

Honeywell's INNCOM solutions are flexible, customizable, efficient and dependable. An INNCOM Networked EMS delivers 25-40% guestroom HVAC energy savings.* Our guestroom automation systems seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of systems and devices to control and monitor lighting, drapes, electronic locks, safes, minibar, television and even connect with smart phone and tablet applications. Our light switches and room status request indicators provide privacy and enhanced guest service, while subtly illuminating the switch buttons for safety and convenience. Our networked INNcontrol™ 3 and INNcontrol™ 5 software creates a centrally controlled system, where housekeeping, engineering, hotel management, security and other staff have immediate access to room status, diagnostic alerts, and historical trends.

* based on HVAC runtime reduction from a PMS-integrated EMS vs. ETM (traditional thermostat mode) in hotels with average occupancy and <500 rooms


Savings on overhead expenses always translate into a better bottom line. Heating, cooling and lighting represent a big chunk of that overhead. Honeywell is the industry leader in providing cost-efficient energy management solutions for the hospitality industry; our systems can scale to any property, and are available in technologies that range from standalone to multi-building.

INNCOM programmable thermostats save money by automatically opening the guestroom temperature band based on room occupancy and rental status. When the room is unoccupied and unrented, INNCOM Energy Management System lets the temperature range colder in the winter or warmer in the summer than when the room is rented. Our occupancy sensing system knows immediately when a guest is in the room, automatically sending the temperature into a programmable comfort range and allowing it to float within a band again if the guests leave. Hoteliers save on HVAC system maintenance and repair as well as on direct heating/cooling costs.

The INNCOM line of battery-powered wireless thermostats and sensors are ideal for retrofits and avoid the hassle of running new wire through a property. The INNcontrol 3 and INNcontrol™ 5 networking control software allows instant access to room status updates, including HVAC operation and occupancy, as needed. Maintenance and Housekeeping staff can also be more efficiently scheduled and deployed. Honeywell has a money-saving solution for hoteliers that are focused on delivering comfortable guest experiences while operating very efficiently.


Full-service hotels provide guest accommodation and amenities 24/7, so their room controls must be “up” all day and all night, as well. That means the hotelier needs instant and constant reporting from room devices and building-wide networks to maintain comfort and convenience for their guests, from heating and lighting to electronic lock control to calls for service. The challenge is to deliver full service that delights the guest and performs efficiently.

Honeywell can help put the service in “full service.” The INNCOM Deep Mesh network infrastructure creates a redundant command and control communications mesh that facilitates a money-saving Energy Management System. Door switches or integration with electronic locks, and Infrared occupancy sensors deliver data to guestroom temperature and lighting controls as well as reporting guest status changes to the front desk and the back office. Users benefit from the comprehensive, interconnected solutions to common guestroom problems.

As a hotelier, you will be able to provide automatic or guest-adjustable heating and cooling, lighting that suits guest needs, the green-award-winning ecoMode® service, Privacy or service request annunciation, and other amenities when the guest is in. When the room is unrented or unoccupied, we will run your equipment in the most energy efficient mode by opening up temperature bands and enable you to schedule Housekeeping and Maintenance calls without disturbing guests. INNCOM systems make hotel operations easier while delivering cost-effective guest satisfaction.


Your luxury hotel is a destination all its own, with extraordinary accommodations and superlative service as a given, not just an expectation. The graces and comforts and 5-star amenities of fine living should be unobtrusive in the background but instantly available when called for.

Providing such a high level of service is not easy. It requires constant attention to detail: is the room always comfortable, does the lighting suit the guest’s needs, is the minibar always full, can housekeeping perform its duties without disturbing the guest? Are Valet and Room Service available at the touch of a button, can the Concierge be engaged from the comfort of the bedside? And can all of that be done without the guest even being aware of the effort behind the service?

Honeywell is the industry leader in providing hoteliers with INNCOM innovative and integrated guestroom automation systems for almost three decades. Our smart digital thermostats automatically or manually keep room temperature and humidity comfortable while serving as the network gateway for other room controls. Programmable and touch capacitance lighting controls provide perfect illumination, while electronic occupancy sensors ensure Privacy or Make Up Room notification without having to disturb your guests. Wired or wireless networking makes centralized monitoring of minibars, safes, or door locks simple and unobtrusive. In short, Honeywell makes delivering luxury accommodation as easy as opening a door.