Healthy Hotels

Healthy Hotel solutions go beyond just energy efficiency to help hoteliers improve indoor air quality, as well as surface and space sanitation. 

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Check-in with confidence: Making hotels healthier spaces for occupants

Every guest expects an impeccable experience, you need to exceed their expectations with service and solutions focused on customization, convenience, safety and security. The current crisis requires special protocols to limit the spread of pathogens while reassuring people they are safer. But you also need to control your costs. Join us as we discuss how these industry leaders are using technology to create a guest experience that sets them apart.

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Anatomy of a Healthy Building: An analysis of air quality elements to help create healthier spaces

This technical reference guide examines the key factors related to creating a healthy building as well as evaluates the several available technologies in areas related to Safety & Security, Air Quality and Key Performance Indicators to help building owners to identify the layers that best suit their buildings. Download the technical reference guide here.

Automated Guestroom Air Purification

Effective resource management

    • Reduce the strain on resources by automating operation of the hotel Air Purifier through integration to the Honeywell INNCOM system 

      • Provides 4 cleaning levels can be automatically set from INNcontrol™ 5 based on occupancy or time of day

      • Available in connected and non-connected models

      Real time alerts & remote monitoring

      • Filter replacement, VOC, and allergen alerts are reported to INNcontrol 5

        • Auto operation for allergens and VOCs, customized scheduling

        Reduce exposure

          • Captures up to 99.97% of microscopic particles as small as 0.1 microns such as dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mite debris and smoke

            • Reduces up to 99.9% of certain bacteria, mold spores and viruses* passing through the unit

            • Helps reduce odors and VOC’s

            • 5 room air changes per hour

            • AHAM CADR (smoke): 300 / Rm size 465 sq ft

            * not tested against COVID-19

            Available Air Purifier Models

            HPA250B - up to 310 sq. ft., Bluetooth

            HPA300 - up to 465 sq. ft.

            HPA8350B - up to 465 sq. ft., Bluetooth

            Air Purifier

            Air Filtration/Cleaning

            Commercial EAC with Integrated UV-C

            • Retrofit AHU installation with minimal pressure drop

            • Office building / Airport / Hotel / Commercial buildings

            • Option to install multiple units stacked

            Product Details (F58/F60)

            • First pass PM2.5 or above removal efficacy around 90%*

            • First pass germicidal efficacy around 95%* - S. Albus bacteria

            • Capacity up to 2,000 CFM/unit – can be stacked

            • Filter cleaning alerts on dashboard

            • UVC inactivates certain pathogens and simultaneously cleans coils, increasing heat transfer efficiency and promotes energy savings.

            • ROI est 1.5- 2yrs.

            hvac uv-c fILTRATION
            fILTRATION dIAGRAM

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