The Path to Making Your Building Intelligent

When you begin to develop your new construction project, Honeywell will work with you to design a cost-effective, comprehensive system for combined management of environmental control, energy management, room automation and other building systems. A single system cuts cabling expenses, reduces lifetime operating and maintenance costs, and makes it easy to monitor and control the property’s individual systems. We can help you select leading technology that fits your purpose. If your systems already include legacy devices, we can provide a gateway to bring them onto the network.

•  Topology design: Depending on your needs, we have at your disposal various system architectures, power sources (including the use of existing wiring), and communications protocols.

•  Installation: INNCOM offers turnkey installation service as well as an “a la carte” offering of installation training, supervision or project management. We can even train your own technical staff or preferred sub-contractors.

•  Commissioning: We test the functioning and performance of your system, as well as train your staff, to ensure the system operates exactly as intended.

INNcontrol™ 3 and INNcontrol™ 5 Building Automation offers dependable, user friendly and responsive management of:

•  Energy Usage: Run your equipment only when necessary and data collection of equipment run-times provides valuable management information.

•  Scheduling: Prevent unnecessary cooling or warming of unused spaces and ensure that meeting spaces are comfortable at scheduled times.

•  Peak Demand Load Shedding: Can provide optimal kW pricing in conjunction with your local utility.

•  Alarm Reporting: Minimize down time and excessive maintenance costs and alarm information can be emailed to appropriate personnel.

•  Equipment Diagnostics: Enables you to take preventive actions and extend equipment life and the System can be interfaced to Maintenance Management Systems for work order generation. Interfaces to Property Management and Guestroom Systems enables optimization of operating schedules.

•  Control Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): Thermal Comfort, Humidity, CO2 and ventilation management.

•  Complete Control of Lighting: Rooms, Common Areas, Exterior & Parking Lights, Day lighting, Sensors and Scheduling.