A New Way of Monitoring Your Property Systems

Every INNCOM installation using INNcontrol™ 3 can have the option of having a three dimensional rendering of the property as part of the real time display of information. The display rotates and can be manipulated to show any side of the building as well as individual floors of the property. To further aid staff in quickly diagnosing a variety of room status indicators, the individual rooms will appear in different colors so that, at a glance, a decision can be made and acted on.


•  Real-time monitoring of HVAC equipment; reports malfunctioning units.
•  Can monitor humidity levels in each room and reports rooms exceeding acceptable threshold.
•  Reports rooms that are occupied for extended periods but not rented.
•  Monitors guestroom network connection and reports non-communicating rooms.
•  Reports low battery level in room devices and rooms that show constant occupancy.
•  Reports property-centric events such as domestic hot water and utility company demand events.
•  Reports lost web access network (WAN) connection and property management interface connections.
•  Tracks and reports equipment run-time vs. baseline of rooms running without Energy Management control.


•  Helps reduce compensation paid for satisfaction guarantees by alerting staff to HVAC problems.
•  Helps minimize revenue loss from rooms out of service due to HVAC problems.
•  Helps prevent lost rental revenue with audit trail of rooms that are occupied for extended periods without being rented.
•  Ensures peak performance and operation and helps avoid catastrophic equipment damage such as frozen compressors.
•  Automatic monitoring and reporting of alarms and events optimizes the investment made in a room automation system by ensuring peak performance.
•  Improved maintenance.