Lighting Control

Honeywell understands that guestroom lighting control is more than just being able to turn lights on and off. Lighting control encompasses everything from basic energy savings to creating memorable guest experiences. Our environmentally friendly lighting systems comply with energy-conservation building codes and can include an all on / off Master Light Switch to ensure that lights are always off in unoccupied rooms. Our lighting controls provide comfort, safety and convenience, too. Automatic nightlights and entry welcome lights guide and assure guests in an otherwise darkened room, while multi-point control makes it easy for guests to adjust lighting from virtually anywhere in the guestroom. Honeywell's INNCOM offerings give you design tools to create both the visual interface (custom wall-mounted panels, tabletop touchscreens) and the lighting experience (focused task lighting, ambient mood lighting). We will also work with you to adapt your custom system to meet your unique requirements (ADA, hotel flag mandates, IECC, etc.)

Occupancy-Based Master Lighting Control

The INNCOM® Master Light Switch automatically turns off lighting in unoccupied rooms without ever inconveniencing the guest. When the guest enters the room, the Master Light Switch illuminates a welcome lighting scene; when the guest leaves, all lights turn off. Using smart INNCOM switches and Lamp Control Modules, lighting can be custom programmed to suit your room design. Additionally, the system is engineered to ensure that light fixtures will work when an occupant wants them to work, regardless of whether the master switch is in the on or off position.