Central Electronic Lock System

When your hotel is equipped with an INNCOM Deep Mesh network, it has the infastructure to provide a higher level of service to your guests as well as the information to enable it to run more efficiently. This network can not only monitor HVAC equipment performance, temperature settings and room occupancy but it can also connect other room systems to their respective server applications. The locks can be equipped with a communication module that allows them to communicate to a central server via the INNCOM network. It’s the power of having multiple vendors and multiple room systems share the benefit of one common back-bone network.

The Many Benefits of Central Electronic Lock Systems

• Rooms can be remotely re-assigned
• Suites can be reconfigured from the front desk
• Guest’s check-out time can be extended remotely
• VIP’s can be checked-in without stopping at reception
• Instant notification of a door being forced open
• Lock functionality verification before a card is issued to a guest
• Universal cancellation and/or re-issuance of a staff key card without having to go to each lock in the property
• Daily lock-time synchronization
• Automatic daylight-savings changes
• Reduced costs of labor, batteries and dead lock events with battery condition reporting