E528 Smart Digital Thermostat

The e528 provides temperature control, humidity monitoring, and motion detection for energy efficient management of the HVAC system.


The e528 series thermostats is the core of a highly effective EMS and the network gateway for other room control devices and third-party interfaces. Flexibly configured with on-board control relays, the e-Series provides efficient control, monitoring, reporting, and comfort for guestrooms. As the key node in an Energy Management System (EMS), it receives inputs from the PIR motion detector and the wired or wireless door switches to determine guestroom occupancy. During times when the room is rented but the guest is not present, the temperature may range up or down within a programmable setback band from the guest’s selected temperature. This results in energy savings with no impact on guest comfort.


• Temperature and humidity sensing input
• Remote temperature sensing
• Light level detection
• Motion detection
• Fully customizable programming to operate specific HVAC, FCU, and PTAC units
• Digital input (door switch monitoring)
• Voltage: 12VAC to 277VAC input models available
• Relay contact ratings: Ratings ranging from 12VAC to 277VAC. See datasheet.
• Wired S5 bus or RS485 or wireless RF Deep Mesh communication
• FCC, UL, CQC, CE, RoHS Approved


• e527 - 12VAC British Gang Box
• e529 - Battery Operated