E-Series Thermostats

The e-Series Thermostats are the cornerstone of the INNCOM world class energy management offering which can control virtually any HVAC system found in a hotel and can be configured as either as part of a powerful, centrally controlled energy management system or as a standalone device.

Available in wired, wireless, and battery-operated, the e-Series Smart Digital Thermostat contributes to guest satisfaction, reduces costs and is easy to install. This wide range of options and upgradability with the e-Series makes it a solid entry point into energy management and guestroom control expandable to the most sophisticated integrated solution. Honeywell’s INNCOM products that make up the e-series product offering are listed below along with links to their details.


The E527 is a thermostat designed for British gang box applications.

The E528 provides temperature control, humidity monitoring, and motion detection for energy efficient management of the HVAC system.

The E529 is battery powered and therefore ideal for certain installations, especially retrofitted in preexisting properties.