Designer Series Switches

The Designer Series™ DS12 is a multifunctional key equipped with status indicators for Doorbell, Privacy, Make Up Room, Butler call, lighting control, and other programmable functions.


The Designer Series is uniquely designed to be mounted into millwork or third-party hallway plates or to use INNCOM's screwless magnetic mounting plates for American and British gang boxes.

Depending on the type of material used, the switch may be engraved or silk screened with icon or text to indicate switch function. Optional materials textures and colors for the key cap, barrel, and mounting give designers freedom to accommodate both functionality and fancy. Typically this product is coupled with the MCM4 for S5 bus communications to Honeywell's INNCOM Integrated Room Automation System to perform doorbell, lighting, and drape functions.


• Programmable key functionality when equipped with MCM4 Micro Controller Module
• Can be installed in millwork or gang boxes
• Can be used as standalone dry contact input
• Gently backlit key which can be used for status indication
• 5 / 8” diameter DS12 barrel dimension
• FCC, UL, CQC, CE, RoHS listed
• Designer Series Data Sheet
• Designer Series Product Guide