D454.F 2 Channel Mosfet Dimmer

800W capacity (2 x 400W per channel) or single output 550W trailing edge dimmer designed for incandescent, dimmable CFL and LED lamps.


The D454.F can be used in many different lighting circuit topologies. Typically the D454.F dims lighting loads when products such as the Glass Series or other low-voltage switches such as the S-and Designer-Series switches are configured for lighting control. In high-end applications, multiple D454-Fs can be easily daisy-chained and used in conjunction with other load bearing wall box dimmers such as the 350W dimmable Evora FET. This allows the designer to create a seamless, multi-point lighting control application that meets nearly any interior design requirement.

The D454.F is specifically designed to meet applications where line-voltage wiring has been pulled to a centralized location, such as a load center. The D454.F can be integrated into the IRAS low-voltage wiring using S5-bus and wireless, Infrared (IR) or RF (Radio Frequency).

The D454.F provides up to 255 dimming levels. This provides fine control over specific light levels and light ramping speed in the guestroom to achieve the highest level of comfort and control.


• Dimmable loads up to 550W per channel or 800W dual channel.
• Wired S5-bus communication for IRAS controls. Optional IR or RF communication is also available.
• Daisy-chainable for multi-point, complex lighting applications.
• Fully enclosed housing to protect electronic components.
• Standard or DIN-rail mounting options with a compact mechanical design.
• Air-gap switch for added safety.
• FCC and CE Mark listed for international applications.