D254.DIN 2 Channel Triac Dimmer

1200W capacity (2 x 600W per channel) leading edge dimmer for incandescent, halogen, and transformer based lamps. This product is available as a US model (D254.DIN.US), as well as an international model (D254.DIN) intended for CQC listed applications in China.


Honeywell's INNCOM lighting device series offers a variety of step dimmers to meet the needs of most lamp types available today. The leading edge dimmers are ideal for circuits with tungsten, resistive, and inductive loads, including mains voltage incandescent lamps, halogen, and low-voltage lamps with a compatible electronic transformer. The trailing edge dimmers are ideal for mains voltage incandescent lamps, dimmable CFL, and LED lamps. Utilizing a trailing edge dimmer also provides the quietest style of dimming for projects where noise is an issue. Honeywell's INNCOM leading and trailing edge dimmers are equipped with over-current protection and an air-gap relay to protect the circuitry from power suges and brownouts. These features also increase the life of the lamp while protecting the engineer during maintenance activities. The D254 dimmers are available in DIN rail mountable enclosures.


• Voltage: 100VAC–240VAC 50 / 60Hz
• Dimming: 100–240VAC, 2 x 600W leading edge or 2 x 400W trailing edge
• Relay contact rating:120–240VAC, 1500W. Used for air-gap circuit disconnect
• Wired S5 bus communication
• Quick disconnect terminal block connectors
• DIN rail mountable enclosure
• FCC, UL, CQC, CE, RoHS Approved