X05B Expander Card

The X05B general purpose logic board provides a variety of I / O functionality


As part of the guestroom EMS, the X05B receives control signals from the room’s e528 thermostat through either an S5 bus wired connection, the TXR505.R IR5 wireless transceiver, or the PC502.2 wireless RF protocol converter. The X05B then outputs control signals from the Honeywell INNCOM Integrated Room Automation System to X06 relay pack contacts. The unit typically mounts to the X06 or on an extrusion rail.


• Two 0–10VDC analog inputs and outputs
• 5 digital outputs for relay control
• 6 digital inputs
• 2 TTL expander ports
• X06 relay board interface
• Voltage: 12VDC
• Wired S5 bus communications
• FCC, CE Approved


• X05B-510—Five output only option
• X05B-511—Five input only option
• X05B-512-0–10VDC outputs