ICP (In-Circuit Programmer)

The ICP is a supplementary device of INNCOM's system 4/5 family.


It is used to program software into the following INNCOM devices:

• E428 Thermostat/Room Controller
• E528 Thermostat/Room Controller
• K492 or K592 Infrared (IR) Lock Transceiver
• X529 HVAC Server

The complete ICP programming hardware package consists of the following items:

A) ICP Device
B) 120-240VAC to 24VDC power supply (3/16 inch plug, center pin positive, 0.625A)
C) DB9F to RJ12 Serial Port Adapter
D) 7 ft, 6-pin modular cable
E) 16 inch RJ45 ICP to Device cable