INNCOM e7 Thermostat

The next generation of INNCOM E Series energy management thermostat



The new INNCOM e7 Thermostat is a direct digital control programmable thermostat that provides comfort and reduces in-room energy costs by up to 35% based on occupancy. This next generation thermostat offers simple solutions that reduce complexity in most HVAC applications. It is the main component of the INNCOM technology enabling platform that provides integrations with more third party technologies which range from property management systems to in-room voice control. The E7 thermostat also provides real-time and trended data, when deployed in a networked application, for INNcontrol™ 3 or INNcontrol™ 5 to furnish room status, energy management, equipment alarm reporting, integration to PMS, BMS and other systems, allows the property to proactively manage the environment to ensure the most satisfying in-room experience.


• Standalone HVAC control
• Standalone EMS controlling in-room energy based on occupancy (typically requiring a door switch monitor and a motion sensor)
• Networked and Integrated EMS controls in-room energy based on occupancy and room status and is centrally controlled, monitored and analyzed using the INNcontrol™ 3 or INNcontrol™ 5 application


• A beautiful industrial design with a large easy to read keypad
• A dynamic, intuitive user interaction that welcomes the user, with an adjustable backlight based on detected light level
• Provides standalone or networked energy management
• Integrates with Amazon Alexa Voice Control
• Optional external wired or wireless temperature and humidity sensors
• Compatible with most HVAC systems
• On-board digital and analog I/O
• On-board motion sensor
• Smart wall plate captures configuration and will upload it into a replacement thermostat
• Provides real-time data to INNcontrol™ 3 and INNcontrol™ 5 for reporting, monitoring, central energy control, and diagnostics
• Easy third party integrations with Central Electronic Lock Systems and other technologies